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Every moment we spend in life is precious. Every important occasion in our lives etches an indelible mark in our memory. Dreampictures is an irresistible option that you can’t afford to ignore. We brings a whole new vivacious visualization to wedding photography, recreating your precious moments with all their sanctity and richness. We are unique, dynamic, and dazzling comprising of a professional team with elegant imagination, impeccable artistry, and creative fervor. We fully comprehend the subtleties of lighting and other technical aspects of photography and this helps us in creating stunning visuals. We’re here to ensure that your special day is just that; yours! For your big day, you deserve the best and we provide the same with utmost sincerity and professionalism. As one of the best wedding photographers in Kerala and Bangalore, our experienced wedding photographers and videographers will ensure that you get a delectable visual treat! We also have many wedding photo galleries that you can browse through which will give you a better idea of what we’re really capable of!

Candid wedding photography

Our photographers are skillful and experienced in candid wedding photography. Unplanned settings can bring you some of the most stunning and amazing snaps. Just wait for the right time. We provide candid wedding photography in Kochi and in all other districts of Kerala. 

 Pre-wedding photoshoot

Dreampictures team endorses the idea of pre-wedding photoshoots as it improves the bonding between the couple. The photoshoot helps them know each other better prior to the wedding. And this immensely helps in the “big day” too.  

Destination Wedding

We are one of the most preferred destination wedding photographers in Kochi. As we are based in Kochi, we are well-familiar with the locales that offer eye-catching visuals. We provide our services all across Kerala – God’s own country.

Wedding Videography

Let Dreampictures take care of all your wedding videography needs. Once you’ve entrusted the responsibility to us, you can relax and fully focus on your special day. We are here to guide you regarding all the technical and creative aspects of the wedding shoot. We think in terms of what works best for the bride and groom. We try to bring out the best in the couple in all possible ways. A relaxed, confident couple always brings a special charm to the video. We offer many video packages as well, including engagement videos, a very special “Love Story” video, and of course, the wedding video! We are always open to your suggestions. Wedding videos are indispensable for any wedding function as they help capture those once-in-lifetime moments – members of the family having a good time together, friends making each other laugh, or any other special moments that are priceless! We’ll also assist you with developing a video shooting schedule and delivering any special video shot requests, as well as editing and burning your wedding video into DVD, so you can relive your special moments over and over! You have all your fantastic memories ready to share with friends and family. As the leading wedding photographers in Kerala, trust our experienced team of wedding videographers and their expertise!

When you hire Dreampictures, you can rest assured that you will have the best visuals to remember your special day. You may contact us at any time for any queries relating to wedding photography in Kochi, Kerala.

We provide our services all across India and we are striving hard to become a national brand. You may opt for Dreampictures wedding photography and videography services in all major metros like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Tirupati, India. 

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