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Wedding Photography Kerala

Dreampictures is one of the finest wedding photographers in Kerala that offers a comprehensive wedding photography service to its clients.

We cover the entire event with fine precision and attention to detail. We know that you’d like to capture your special day in all its vibrancy and colour. And the new beginning should be etched in your memory forever.

If you have a plan set for your wedding, we would go a step ahead of your plan to realize it – that’s our assurance.

Our professional photographers capture the subtle emotions, joy, passion, harmony, love, romance, funny moments and even tension, confusion – to cover them all – with the intention that you can live though those moments innumerable times after the wedding. 

Outdoor wedding photography Kerala

It is a fact that the couple looks the most confident and energized in outdoor wedding photography sessions. It seems like the natural light and the Mother Nature come together to shower their blessings on the couple. We cover outdoor wedding photography all across Kerala.

Post wedding photography Kerala

You might be aware of the “Just married” photos going viral on social media platforms. Post wedding photography is ideal to portray your love and respect for each other as a married couple. Dreampictures wedding photographers Kochi are keen to fulfill your requirements. Transform your honeymoon or date night into an ecstatic post wedding photography session.

Wedding Videography Kerala

The Dreampictures professionals are one of the most acclaimed wedding videographers in Kerala. Our wedding videography professionals have years of experience covering grand weddings and ceremonies of diverse communities in Kerala. 

Videography helps you experience those special moments and events frame by frame with minute details. 

Our professionals are open to your suggestions regarding the shoot. We are determined to offer you a unique experience which you could pass on to your future generations with honour.

Cinematic Wedding Videography Kerala

And if you want something more exciting and delectable, you may certainly opt for cinematic wedding videography. We have a fully-equipped cinematic wedding crew with all the necessary equipments and gears to cover cinematic wedding projects. What you get here is a stunning, cinematic experience and finish that you could easily relate the end-product to a movie! Our professionals are friendly and highly co-operative and their inputs always work in bringing the best out of the couple. Entrust your wedding video requirement to Dreampictures team and enjoy the formalities to the fullest. We can have a detailed chat regarding your date, any time. Please visit our best wedding videography Kerala gallery for more.

Candid wedding photography in Kerala

Time and accuracy are integral aspects of candid wedding photography and this requires experience and precision. It requires great skill, instincts and passion to cover the scenes without compromising the emotional content.

Candid wedding photography is a high-in-demand photographic venture which is preferred by millennial couples. Our team has all the equipments set to handle your special occasions like wedding, ceremonial functions, and other outdoor requirements.

The lighting can have a huge impact when it comes to capturing a memorable sequence. The way the wedding couple looks at each other can speak volumes. The “reactionary instincts” of the photographer is the KEY. Yes, candid wedding photography is highly rewarding for those who realize its scope and potential. 

The post processing works too have an imperative role in the final output. Yes, it’s the teamwork of a bunch of creative and skillful professionals that lets emotions speak to you.   And without any hesitation, we claim that Dreampictures is one of the best candid wedding photographers in Kerala. 

Candid wedding photography Kochi

Dreampictures provides candid wedding photography services in Kochi and across the length and breadth of Kerala. Just reach out to us…

Pre wedding photography in Kerala

Pre wedding photoshoot Kerala

The notion of traditional wedding photography has undergone a transformation in the last two decades. The Pre wedding photoshoots have become a trend among young couples these days. It’s not just a trend but a serious wedding routine. Thanks to social media.

The pre wedding photography sessions are arranged prior to the “Big day” and these sessions help the couple to be comfortable with each other and create a feeling of bonding.

In a photographer’s perspective, it allows the photographer to understand the preferences of the couple, their likes and dislikes, and suggestions. Pre wedding shoots help the photographer build rapport with the couple. And good rapport boosts the creative zeal of the photographer to the next level.

The outfits are usually casual compared to the formal ones used for wedding. We suggest the best outfits for the couple that matches the personality of the individual. And it is also done in accordance with the theme of the shoot.

Dreampictures team offers pre wedding photography in Kochi and all other locations in Kerala.

Our team knows the best locales in Kerala that are ideal to conduct pre wedding photoshoots. The natural ambience, lighting aspects of the location, privacy – all these factors have a role in capturing unique and dazzling frames.

Talk to our experts and fix your pre wedding photoshoot date.

Dreampictures – the best Destination wedding photography service in Kerala

Couples plan their wedding at preferred destinations or specific holiday locales to make the event more unique and interesting.  

Destination wedding photography is almost the same as the traditional wedding photography with same guests and ceremonies but they are conducted at the client’s preferred destination.

The additional parameters are the travel and accommodation aspects depending upon the number of days involved.  

In destination wedding, we accompany the client to the preferred destination and perform the sessions as per the client’s requirements.

Exuberant memories are often tied to certain travel destinations and it’s obvious that people want to associate their wedding with their most cherished spot.  

Destination wedding in Kerala

Kerala is swiftly becoming the destination wedding hub of South India. And the reasons are pretty clear. When it comes to destination wedding, we at Dreampictures are all set to offer you the best services anywhere in Kerala. We provide destination wedding in Kochi, Wayanad, Thekkady, Kovalam and all other striking destinations of Kerala.

We also have a list of the best wedding photography destinations for our clients. We are ready to assist you in this regard.
Go through our gallery for some of the finest destination wedding clicks.