Difference Between Traditional Wedding Photography and Modern Wedding Photography

In India, wedding photography is a multimillion-dollar industry. Young couples are now interested in experimenting with new photographic styles in order to record the special moments in their lives. To distinguish themselves, wedding planners are incorporating a variety of designs. And there are a lot of different genres to learn about.

What are traditional photography and videography services?

In the last decade, we’ve seen the evolution of wedding photography and videography services, as well as advances in technology and social media. Traditional wedding photography and videography services only record staged, moved, and directed photos. Furthermore, it mostly concentrated on family portraits and significant rituals. In this style, families settled for on-stage portraits or photographs taken in the theatre, limiting their imagination and originality.

There wasn’t much for the photographers to play with in order to instill imagination. It was routine, uninteresting, and boring. There was no enthusiasm among wedding planners or clients to see the results. On the other hand, wedding photography currently has more fascinating features than ever before.

Photographers, not event managers!

Do you have any idea how a normal Indian wedding goes? The exhibition was eventually taken over by photographers. Until recently, there were no wedding planners or event teams to oversee events. Wedding photography companies were created with the sole purpose of capturing images. Weddings were photographed by the photographers. However, the location of events and the nature of photography are rapidly changing these days. The domain is growing and changing. Wedding photography and videography services are more than just posing in strange body language. Photographers generate fantastic results when they have more time to focus on photography and their talents rather than coordinating events.

Candid is the new trend

Many takes and retakes will be required due to strange stances, disgruntled looks, and phony grins. It will lead to poor photographs. Photographers pressuring you to grin, move, or act is also inconvenient. Another flaw is induced artificiality. All of these issues can be avoided with candid photography and filming services. Because you will acquire natural photos of people and scenery, candid photography is also known as photojournalism.

Heard of illustrative photography and videography services?

These days, illustrative wedding photography is gaining popularity. It places a greater emphasis on the background, frames, and lighting. These photoshoots take place in stunning places rather than wedding sites. While doing illustrative photography, the photographers should be able to capture the background scenery in a better way.

Want 360 degree views?

The emergence of drones is one of the most advanced technologies of recent times that has drastically changed the landscape of wedding photography. Aerial photography is one of the most recent trends in wedding photography. Aerial views are captured using cameras mounted on drones or similar devices. It will aid in the creation of visuals with a bird’s eye view. These gadgets, utilized for photography and filmmaking services, miraculously capture the picturesque splendor of visually pleasant locales.

The difference between traditional wedding photography and modern wedding photography

Vintage never goes out of style!

Even in 2021, the millennials’ enthusiasm for retro photos is undeniable. Couples want to dress up in old costumes and utilize traditional artifacts to document their cherished wedding moments, so vintage photography and videography services are in high demand. And no wedding photographer can capture the enchantment of transporting us to another period through stunning images. But who wouldn’t want to relive the glory of the past and save it for the future?

Although the most popular styles are shown above, the list does not end there. The landscape of wedding photography and videography services is only going to shift more in the coming years as technology advances and better lenses and devices become available.

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